College School Water Damage Repair

Schools and colleges are faced with different issues when it comes to water damage. Often, the school is responsible for the damages to their property. However, there are many ways to avoid or mitigate water damage on college campuses.

Water damage can come from various sources, including rain, snow, and ice. It can also come from faulty plumbing or leaks in the building. No matter the source, water damage can be a costly repair.

The first step in mitigating water damage is to identify the source of the problem. This can be done by hiring a professional inspector or by checking the building yourself. Once the source is found, it is important to take action to fix the problem. This may involve repairing a leaky roof or fixing a broken pipe.

Once the source of the water damage is fixed, it is important to dry out the affected area as soon as possible. This can be done with fans, dehumidifiers, and other methods. Removing all wet materials, such as carpeting and drywall, is important. These materials can harbor mold and mildew, which can cause further damage to the building.

Once the area is dry, it is important to repair any damage that has been done. This may involve replacing drywall, painting, and other repairs. Water damage can be a costly repair, but it is important to take action to avoid further damage to the building.

Commercial water Damage Reno

We provide safe and effective flood damage restoration services to property owners based on our training, certification, and over a decade of experience.

Aspects of damage

The most common and critical damages are listed below to understand better how we take care of your commercial property.


Tiles and wooden floors are both susceptible to catastrophic damage caused by flood water, regardless of the type of flooring. Without proper removal of floodwater, the wooden tiles on the property can become permanently warped. Floodwater is infested with viruses and bacteria, resulting in permanent damage.

You face a much higher risk of germs and diseases if your domestic building has been flooded. Our technicians use chemicals and sanitizers to keep your home clean and hygienic, so your loved ones remain happy and healthy. 

Rugs and carpets

You should throw away rugs and carpets in case of a natural flood since flood water is contaminated with viruses embedded in the yarn, which could pose a safety risk to residents. 

We clean, disinfect, and restore them to make expensive rugs and carpets look and feel as good as new ones after a pipe leak or appliance malfunction.


If water comes into contact with drywall, it can cause damage. It is recommended that you remove the affected area. Repair and restoration of these drywalls can be done effectively and affordably with the help of our technicians, who come up with the most innovative ways to restore the area. 


Some emotions and associations are associated with personal belongings in residential and commercial buildings. We focus our restoration efforts on damage mitigation once we reach the flood-affected building. We strive to restore the belongings to the greatest extent possible and minimize collateral damage. 

Furniture and Inventory

The next important thing in commercial and domestic buildings is furniture and inventory. These matters must be taken care of immediately to prevent collateral damage and devastation. We remove these items immediately and restore them with our professional tools, experience, and modern technology.

Restoration of buildings

Afterward, the building must be restored to its original state. The technicians at our company use modern tools and scientific methods to restore the damaged area as quickly as possible. By future-proofing your building against floodwater, we prevent hidden water molecules from entering your building. 

Who are we, and what do we do?

Analyses by experts

To fully analyze the situation and scenario, our experts reach your location. You’re planning to fail if you don’t plan. Over the past ten years, we have never failed to make the most effective plan for removing water damage from Reno commercial properties. We don’t waste a single minute when we arrive at your location to remove water damage from the building, regardless of whether the damage was caused by a natural disaster, a human error, or a malfunctioning appliance. We are your lifeline if your commercial property is affected by such a situation. 

Keeping in touch

The time has come to involve you in the process of removing the damages from your commercial property. There is no need for you to get your hands dirty. We will make sure to inform you of all the processes and steps involved, as well as the cost involved. In the event that you give us the green light to start working, we will do everything within our power to restore your commercial property to its original condition. 

Mitigating damage

There are expensive appliances and inventory in commercial properties. If you do not have experienced and expert technicians, you risk losing thousands of dollars in collateral damage to appliances and inventory. It doesn’t happen to that extent when you call our technicians, and our technicians do their best to protect all your inventory and stuff from damage, so you don’t have to spend thousands on restoration.

Operational efficiency

The water damage removal process is time-consuming, and any delay will cost you more than the bill itself. For a businessman, time is money. In addition to being trained and experienced, our technicians provide you with streamlined services that save you time and money. The operation and processes of your commercial property and business would be able to resume in the shortest amount of time possible.